Brigade Academy offers technology training for law enforcement and fire service personnel.

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We have designed our courses with public safety personnel in mind. Technology changes rapidly and skill sets that can discover, extract and analyze case facts remain in demand. Brigade Academy allows you to take control of your learning path by providing you with courses, and lectures based on real-world cases. Brigade technology courses use anonymized call for service data. This creates a contextual learning experience and can increase comprehension and mastery of the subject.

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Excel Spreadsheet for Public Safety
Excel for Police & Fire I

Learning the process of turning mountains of data into meaningful information can be challenging.

This introductory course is for members of law enforcement, the fire service, and other public safety support personnel. The course is case-based, using anonymized call for service data, budget documents, and other public safety-related data.

Power BI Logo
Power BI for Police & Fire I

There has been no better time than now to dive into this power data intelligence tool!

Since its release in the summer of 2015, Power BI has continued to dominate the field of business intelligence tools. This is an introductory course focused on familiarizing participants with the basics of Power BI and its effective use in public safety.

Python Programming Language Logo
Python for Police & Fire I

Python is a general-purpose coding language that is a favorite among data scientists.


This course explores the use of Python and large datasets. When Excel is not enough, Python is the next best tool for analysis. Participants will begin learning the language using calls for service. This is big data analysis for public safety!